Wrote this over 45 years ago. Still haunts me all these years later. For all the KIA, you are not forgotten brothers.


Just think man. pretty soon we’ll be home.
I mean, what’ve you got? 30 days? Then all
this will just be a bad dream. You’ll go
home,see your chick, and pretty soon, all
will be normal again. Oh, there will still
be some bad dreams and memories I guess,
but at least we’ll be home. Here man, hold
my hand. It won’t be long now. That wound
don’t look too serious. What? No, hell no,
of course I won’t leave you. We’re buddies
man. We’ve seen it all. Eleven months worth.
Getting shot this way ain’t really that
bad. Hell, it’s just some sham time at the
rear for you. Hospitals, pretty nurses, the
whole bit. What? Oh, don’t worry about me.
You know I’ll make it alright. I was born
under a lucky star I guess.

And so it was. The scene when they arrived.
They stood, and watched, and one of them
slowly shook his head. They led him away.
Still protesting about having to leave his
buddy that way. Meanwhile, one of the medics
sadly covered the sightless eye’s, of the


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Old guy who's surprised he's made it this far.

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